Signs of an Excellent Food Distribution Partner

food distribution company IndianaWorking with an excellent food distribution company makes whole lot of impact on restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.  Owners of these establishments are well aware of the fact that food distributors help them determine the best quality items that appeal most to their customers.  It’s a reciprocal relationship that leads to better quality and service all round.

However, owners of service establishments also know that not all food distribution companies are equal to the task.  In the interest of separating the cream of the crop from the rest of the bunch, here are some key features of an excellent food distribution company that will ensure quality and consistency:

  1. food distribution company IndianaGreat Customer Service – A food distribution rep should be easy to do business with. They will, after all, be in contact with each client at least once a week.  The food distribution rep should make a point of visiting the client’s establishment at least once every two weeks to make sure everything is going well.  It is during these interactions that new options can be discussed and any concerns can be smoothed over.  It’s really important to be able to trust a food distribution rep because they are the one’s giving quotes to clients and ensuring the quality is up to standard.  If there is no trust then the relationship will begin to go sour.
  2. food distribution company IndianaOffer Discount Promotions – Any client with over a year’s experience should be offered an array of discount options pertaining to their usual order list. This should come in the form of a reduced price for bulk items, or the ability to try new products for free to see if they will work.  Any client should discuss these discount options before going into formal relationship with a distributor because if they do not mention it perhaps the distributor will think it is not important.
  3. Range of Gluten-Free and Vegan Options – A distributor should have a wide range of food items that appeal to all diets. food distribution company IndianaThis includes dry foods like tempeh and frozen foods like a range of vegan sausages. A client can always request the distributor start providing specific items solely for their purchase.  However, this might not be enough to persuade a client to stay with a distributor that does not have what they need.  The alternative from the client’s perspective is that they will need to work with another distribution company to fulfil their weekly order.  This cuts into efficiency and convenience at the establishment, and in most cases will lead instead to the dropping of the distributor.
  4. Local Distribution Centre – It is always great to work with a local team (rather than a national network) that can be on hand if anything urgent is required.

These are some key signs of an excellent food distribution company Indiana or surrounding areas.


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